About MBK Homes

At MBK Homes, we believe in building more than just fine homes. Our mission is to build happiness. How? We work hard to find just the right neighborhood locations. Our team strives to raise the bar in craftsmanship design, finishes, and customer care. We are dedicated to providing a satisfying customer experience by anticipating your needs, from purchase to new home orientation, move-in and beyond. We continue to stand behind the quality of our homes, long after we’ve handed you the keys. MBK Homes is proud that our parent company, Mitusi & Co., Ltd., with its long and well respected history, is one of the world’s largest companies. It provides the strong financial stability that backs up your most important purchase. Our corporate culture blends the honor and pride of Japanese tradition with the passion and ingenuity of American know-how. Our goal is to provide unmistakable new home value and to build happiness and lasting relationships with our valued customers.


When shopping for a new home, it’s usually easy to recognize quality differences in things like cabinetry, countertops and flooring. What’s more challenging is recognizing the quality you can’t readily see. Here’s where the reputation of the builder becomes vital to getting the best home value. We pride ourselves on our higher standard of quality in both the things you can see and touch, and the things you can’t. This unwavering devotion to satisfaction continues to set MBK apart, as evidenced by our consistent top ratings in the annual Eliant Homebuyers’ Choice Awards competition.


MBK carefully defines who our customers are and what’s important to them in creating a home that fulfills their needs. From costal urban view homes, to luxury apartments throughout California, who you are matters.

Our People

Vast knowledge and experience are just part of who we are. Every MBK team member is passionate about providing the right shelter in the correct locations. Our commitment to our customers and each other is at the forefront of each decision we make when building your impeccable home.

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