Top Honor in the 2017 Eliant Award

  • Overall Purchase & Ownership Experience – 1st Place
  • First Year Customer Service Experience – 1st Place
  • Construction Experience – 1st Place
  • Design Experience – 1st Place
  • Purchase Experience – 1st Place
  • Design Selection Experience: Perceived Value – 1st Place
  • Pro-Active Communication of Construction Progress – 1st Place


Jacaranda Homebuyers, Bryan and Irene Q.

Our overall purchase experience with the team at MBK Jacaranda was OUTSTANDING! My wife and I are first time home buyers and before we finally found our home in Jacaranda, our experience was very dreadful with other builders. The sales team that was put together to help us find our new home are ALL-STARS WITH GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Frequent updates and pictures sent via email of the our home’s progress made it exciting for our family that we couldn’t wait to move in! The environment that they produced was stress-free and family-oriented.

Sea House Homebuyers, Joseph and Jennifer R.

They are all about quality and customer service. I’m still shocked at how much of a great experience it was. This isn’t our first home, we have purchased before and it made me realize how much better the whole home buying experience could and should be. If every seller, sold like MBK, then we would probably have a lot more traditional buyers in the market having better experiences.

Aragon Homebuyer, Ralph B.

Alex is unbelievable. I’ve never seen anyone more dedicated to making things right. I leave for work at 6:00AM and he’s already here making sure that everyone is happy and everything is working properly. I can’t help but smile when I see him because that means everything is OK. Alex is the best!!!!!!

Vineland Metro Homebuyer, Frank & Nichole T.

Honestly, this has been one of the best experiences of my life! Iran and Dave have been absolutely amazing through this whole process. I am very happy with the way my husband and I have been treated though this entire process! Very helpful, and amazing people.

Aragon Homebuyer, Arnaldo and Rowena B.

Alex has been a key part of what has made our experience with MBK AWESOME. From the first tour until this day, he has explained key parts of our home, their functionality and maintenance, both thoroughly and understandably. Now that we have moved in, Alex continues to show his willingness and ability to ensure that MBKs homeowners are satisfied not only with their homes, but with the service MBK provides its customers. MBK is very fortunate to have a hardworking, knowledgeable person such as Alex that goes the extra mile to make us, the homeowners, happy…and does so with a constant smile.

Aragon Homebuyer, James R.

Everyone that I have [been] in contact with from MBK has met and exceeded my expectations. This is my first home purchase. I thought buying a new home would be overwhelming, but everyone has made the process so smooth and an enjoyable experience.

Did you know that at the 2015 Eliant Homebuyers’ Choice Awards, MBK Homes was awarded first place in Overall home Purchase & Ownership Experience?

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